About Cocktailicious

Make your own cocktails at home

If you want to learn how to make your own cocktails, you’ve come to the right place. Cocktailicious is a website with a nice mix of cocktail recipes, stylish cocktail bars and cocktail events and lifestyle blogs about anything related to cocktails. We started ​​Cocktailicious.nl because of my two passions (cocktails and online marketing), which resulted in 2010 in Cocktailicious.nl. I can combine my love for cocktails and share this with anyone who wants to make their own cocktails.

More than 200 homemade cocktail recipes

Cocktailicious exists more then 3,5 years and we have made over 200 homemade cocktails. With pride and joy the 100th cocktail we made was based on a co-creation with our fans on social media, the Royal Cocktailicious. Take a look at this recipe, and many other. I am very curious what you think of the community we’ve build so far.

Classic and new cocktail recipes

On Cocktailicious.nl you will only find homemade cocktails. Besides the well-known classic recipes like the Mojito, Caipirinha, Long Island Ice Tea and Pornstar Martini, we often create own cocktail recipes that fit the time of year. All cocktail recipes on the website we’ve created, tasted and (good) approved before we shared them. If you have a a question about a recipe, please mail us at caroline@cocktailicious.nl.

New cocktail recipes

On Twitter and Facebook we share the newest recipes we’ve created, event that are comning up or lifestyle cocktail blogs we’ve wrote. If you want to be up to date on everything around cocktail follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have tips or ideas for Cocktailicious. Please contact us at caroline@cocktailicious.nl

Who are behing Cocktailicious?

For anyone that did not see me in the blogs, posts of recipes yet. Or just being curious. I’m Caroline and I have created this website together with my partner Bart. Together we make cocktails, we go to cocktail bars and events and we make the cocktail recipes and blogs for Cocktailicious.

Voor wie mij nog niet voorbij had zien komen in de blogs of gewoon benieuwd is naar de persoon achter de schermen; op de foto links onder sta ik. Ik ben Caroline en ik heb deze website opgezet. Op de foto naast me staat mijn vriend Bart. Samen met hem maak ik cocktails, gaan we naar cocktailbars en plaatsen we cocktailrecepten en blogs voor de website.

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