A cocktail to kiss. Just actually really kiss. The Besamé (translated = kiss me) is a fresh and fruity cocktail with only red fruits. The combination of sweet and a little bit of sours makes it a cocktail to kiss.

What do you need for a Besamé?

Vodka (1 part)
Blueberry liquor (1 part)
Lime (0.5 part fresh juice)
7up or sparkling water (ca 1,5 part)
Blueberries (4 pieces)
Blackberries (3 pieces)
Strawberiies (2 pieces)
Raspberries (3 pieces)

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Besamé?

You can choose to make this cocktail with a boston shaker (and muddle the fruits) or a blender (and blend the fruit. The 7up or sparkling water is in both cases added later because of the bubbles. We are going to use a blender in our recipe. For serving the cocktail we use a tumbler glass filled with crushed ice.

So get your blender and put it all the fresh fruits. The add the blueberry liquor and the vodka to the blender. Give it a good blend so you end up with a smooth fresh fruit mix. Now pour out the cocktail in your tumbler glass and top it of with 7up or sparkling water. It depends on what a sweet tooth you are which one you choose. Of course the 7up makes it a lot sweeter. After you topped it of give it a small stir. Garnish your cocktail with fresh fruit and you are ready to kiss.. eh I mean serve!

Whithout alcohol?

The Besamé cocktail is also a perfect cocktail to make without alcohol. Or even as a morning smoothie if you add a little bit of yoghurt instead of the alcohol.

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Cocktails in moderation

Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.