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The Pornstar Martini or Martini Pornstar is an elegant martini cocktail with passion fruit and vanilla vodka. Tastes smooth as silk!

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Glass Martini glass
Flavor Fruity, Sweet
Method average
Strength Average
Drink Liqueurs
Time 7 minutes
Amount 1 cocktail


  • Vanilla vodka 30 ml
  • Passion fruit juice 45 ml
  • Fresh squeezed lemon juice 5 ml
  • Eggwhite

Bar tools

  • Shaker
  • Jigger

How to

  • Shake


  • Start with a shaker
  • Seperate the egg white from the yolk and use half of it
  • Add 30 ml vanilla vodka, 45 ml passion fruit juice and 5 ml fresh lemon juice
  • Add ice cubes before shaking
  • Shake vigorously until you get a frost layer on your shaker
  • Strain without the ice in a pre cooled martini glass
  • Cut a passion fruit in two halfs and garnish in the glass
  • Serve with a little glass of champaign or sparkling wine
pornstar martini ingredienten
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Tip: shake with egg white for a silky foamy layer

Pour the cocktail in a classy martini glass or coupe
Garnish with half a passion fruit in the glass

Pornstar Martini: fruity cocktail full of passion

The Pornstar Martini actually started as the Maverick Martini (called after a seedy club in South Africa where the cocktail was made for the first time with its famous ingredients). After that the cocktail got the exciting name “Pornstar Martini” as a reference to the passion and sexy appearance in the scene.

The taste of this cocktail is a combination of the sweet and sour of the passion fruit combined with lemon juice with the softness of the vanilla vodka and the foamlayer.

Vanilla vodka

Next to the passion fruit the vanilla vodka is a very essential ingredient for the soft taste of this cocktail. So don’t use an ordinary vodka. If you can’t find proper vanilla vodka, you can also make homemade vanilla vodka. You just use a bottle of vodka. Put one sliced open vanilla bean in. Leave it in the bottle of vodka for 2 days and you have your own deliciious vanilla vodka. Easy does it!

In stead of vanilla vodka you can also use 10 ml Licor 43 for the vanilla and 20 ml vodka.

Does egg white actually belong in the Pornstar Martini?

The answer to this question is yes and no. If you want to make this cocktial at home with a silky foamlayer, it is comfortable to use egg white. Profeessional bartenders however use “Boiron puree” and add fresh passion fruit. This way no lemon or egg white is required becaus when you shake the puree you get a nice foamlayer.


For a perfectserve you serve your Pornstar Martini with a little elegant glass of champaign. This doesn’t have to be a champaign glass you can use an elegant shot glass as well. Cut the seeds of the passion fruit loose and serve it with a little spoon or fork.

How to drink a Pornstar Martini?

If you know how to prepare this cocktail than you also need to know how to drink it proper. There is a ritual for it:

  1. Start with the passion fruit;
  2. Drink the champaign;
  3. Keep the best for last. Enjoy your cocktail;

After having the passionfruit and the champaign your taste buds are fully prepared for the sensational tasting experience of the Pornstar Martini!

Common Mistakes in Making a Pornstar Martini

When you order this cocktail in a good cocktail bar, it often looks great. This is a major reason why the cocktail is ordered so frequently. However, if you’re making it at home, it’s not easy to perfect. Here are the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them:

  • The most common mistake made when making a Pornstar Martini is not shaking it properly. It’s important to shake with egg white, along with the other ingredients, for at least ten seconds to make the cocktail light and well mixed. This gives the cocktail its characteristic white foam. If you don’t shake the ingredients properly, you won’t get a foam crown and the cocktail may start to curdle.
  • White foam: Did your foam fail? Pour the cocktail back into the shaker and add some extra egg white. First do a dry shake (without ice), then add the ice (wet shake) and shake one more time to cool. Pour it out again and you’ll see that you have a nicer white foam!
  • Passion fruit is the signature ingredient of the Pornstar. But too much passion fruit can also have a negative effect on the taste of the cocktail. An excess of passion fruit can make the cocktail too sour and overwhelm the taste of the vodka. Try to find the balance between the vanilla, the lime, and the passion fruit.
  • Vanilla can elevate the cocktail, but too much of it can make the cocktail too sweet. When there’s too much vanilla in the mix, the sour taste disappears and the other ingredients can also become overwhelming. It’s better to add a small amount of vanilla syrup or extract to achieve the right flavor balance.
  • The right cocktail glass: I often see this cocktail served in wine glasses and gin and tonic glasses. What a shame! The Pornstar looks best and drinks most comfortably from a martini glass, which is where the cocktail really shines. A nice coupe glass can also be used.
  • An essential element of the presentation is the half passion fruit that floats in your martini glass, combined with a small glass of bubbles for contrast. Both for appearance and variation in taste, these are important elements of the perfect serve. So make sure you have these on your shopping list too!

Self invented variations on the Pornstar

We created 2 variations on the Pornstar. The Pornstar 43 White Chocolate is a “guilty pleasure” variation with Licor 43, Mozart white chocolate liqueur and passionfruit. The Sparkling Pornstar is a Pornstar mixed with 1/3 champaign or prosecco.

Hold your breath: the Dragonstar Martini

The Dragon Star is made like a Pornstar, but you start by muddling the purple pulp of the Dragonfruit. After that, you make it exactly the same as the classic version. Due to the color of the Dragonfruit, you get a super beautiful purple appearance. Especially in combination with a dragonfruit garnish as you see below!

The Dragon Star is a co-creation with Bromojito

Alcoholfree: the Pornstar Virgin

Do you prefer non alcoholic? Than make yourself a “Pornstar Virgin”. In stead of vanilla vodka you use vanilla syrup. Serve with alcoholfree sparkling whine.

PS: are you pregnant? Than make a Pornstar Virgin without the egg white. In stead of egg white you can use Aquafaba. ( viscous water of chickpeas). It will give your cocktail a nice foamlayer as well.

pornstar martini cocktail

Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.