Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is probably one of the most well known blue curacao cocktails. It’s a beautiful and bright blue cocktail, that’s why it’s name of course. You can image yourself sitting on a white beach of a deserted island with the most beautiful blue lagoon to swim in :).

Dresscode: bikini style!

What do you need for a Blue Lagoon?

Blue curacao (1/2 part)
Vodka (1 part)
Sparkling water (3 parts)
Fresh lemon juice (juice of half a lemon)
Cocktail cherry

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Blue Lagoon?

For this cocktail we are going to use a longdrink glass. We are not going to use a shaker, but just make the cocktail straight into the glass. Before we start, we are going to use a part of the lenon for garnish, so keep it pretty. Pour the vodka, blue curacao into the glass. The add the fresh squeezed lemon juice into the glas. Be careful none of the seeds go into the glass. Then top it of with sparkling water. Give it a smal stir. Garnish the Blue Lagoon with a slice of lemon, a cocktail cherry and it’s ready to serve!

Other Blue Curacao cocktails

A nice variant on the Blue Lagoon is the Blue Cocomo with sparkling water, coconut rum and blue curacao. Besides those you can also try the Blue Hawaiian, Blue Gin Delight or the Blue Cosmo. All diferent tastes of blue curacao combined with either gin, vodka, rum, cranberries, lemon and many other flavors.

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Cocktails in moderation

Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.