Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

This is a special cocktail with a bloody and spooky story. A story everybody knows. Step in front of a mirror and say her name 3 times. Something spooky happens in the mirror. Don’t try this at home! It doesn’t make the Bloody Mary cocktail less good though :). Just know where you are getting yourself into with the Bloody Mary.

What do you need for a Bloody Mary cocktail?

Tomato juice (2,5 parts)
Vodka (1 deel)
Worchester sauce
Lemon juice (1 barspoon)
Tabasco (naar eigen smaak)
Basil (1 leaf)
Black pepper

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Bloody Mary?

Use a tumbler or a long drink glass half filled with ice. Pour one part of vodka, a few drops of worchestersauce into the glass. Fill it up with tomato juice and add the chopped basel leafs. Squeeze the lemon juice above the glass and give it a good stir. Garnish it with fresh pepper and fresh celery. If you want to do it a different way for a change you can also put a tomato and mozzarella stick in the glass for garnish.


The Bloody Mary is a good cocktail for Halloween. Take a look at our Halloween Bloody Mary Special.

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