Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe
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by Bart

The Cosmopolitan is a classy cocktail based on cranberry juice, lime, vodka, and triple sec. It's a refreshing, slightly tart cocktail with an elegant appearance.

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Glass Martiniglas
Flavor Fruitig, Zuur
Method Makkelijk
Strength Sterk
Drink Triple Sec, Vodka
Time 3 minutes
Amount 1 cocktail


  • Vodka 45 ml
  • Triple Sec 20-30 ml
  • Cranberry juice 30-45 ml
  • Lime juice from 1/2 lime
  • Garnish: burnt orange zest

Bar tools

  • Shaker
  • Jigger
  • Lighter or match

How to

  • Shake with ice


  • Chill your martini glass with ice cubes. These ice cubes can then be transferred into your shaker
  • Using a measuring cup, pour the vodka (45 ml), triple sec (20 ml), cranberry juice (30 - 45 ml), and juice from half a lime into the shaker
  • Shake well until you get a frost layer on your shaker.Taste the cocktail with a straw from the shaker. Is the cocktail well-balanced? Then you can proceed to pour it out
  • Pour the cocktail without the ice into your martini glass
  • Schenk de cocktail zonder het ijs uit in je martiniglas.
  • For extra flavor, lightly burn a piece of orange peel (without flesh!) with a lighter and rub it over the rim of the glass. Then, rub the peel along the glass for extra aroma and flavor.
  • Garnish: make a notch in the orange peel or place it in your cocktail glass
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Tip for special effects: Want to impress the person for whom you’re making this Cosmopolitan? Lightly flame the outside of the orange zest. As the orange’s essential oils are released, you’ll get a small burst of flame.

Cocktail with an elegant appearance

When I think about Cosmopolitan, I’m reminded of the iconic TV show “Sex and the City”. Carrie Bradshaw and her friends seized every opportunity to indulge in one Cosmo after another. The Cosmopolitan is perhaps the most beloved and well-known ladies’ cocktail. Its alluring pink color and refreshing, slightly tart-sweet taste make it particularly popular among many women. It’s a perfect choice for a girls’ night out, where you can enjoy it with your best friends.

“The Cosmopolitan is a cocktail that brings together a beautiful balance of flavors. It is strong due to the vodka, sour from the lime, and has a bit of fresh bitterness from the cranberries, which is combined with a subtle sweet hint of orange flavor.

Where does the name Cosmopolitan come from?

The birthplace of the Cosmopolitan is New York. The name refers to its cosmopolitan appeal and pays homage to New York as a cosmopolitan city. When we’re in New York, we should try this cocktail in a beautiful cosmopolitan bar. However, with expectations set so high, I’m worried it might not live up to our expectations.

Fancy cocktail bars in New York City where you can enjoy a delicious Cosmopolitan are “Sugar Monk” or “Analogue”. Two popular cocktail bars in the city. If you have any other great tips in New York, let me know in the comments!

Garnishes: Orange or lime?

Both lime and orange (triple sec is an orange liqueur) are present in this cocktail. It’s common to see both garnishes with this drink. The orange zest is the classic garnish because it accentuates the triple sec and allows you to fully taste the flavor of the essential oils released from the orange. If you use a match or lighter to ignite it, you’ll get a nice little burst of flame. Fun for special effects. So, a strong preference for orange here!

How to make a zest as garnish for your cocktail?

When cutting a zest as a garnish, always use a sharp knife. Only cut the skin of the fruit, not into the flesh. You can shape it later.

Bold variant: Rude Cosmopolitan with tequila

Give the Rude Cosmopolitan a try. It’s a Cosmopolitan made with tequila and red pepper for a bold twist!

Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.