Mandarine Sour

Mandarine Sour
Mandarine Sour
The Mandarin Sour is a beautiful orange fall cocktail with fresh mandarin and Napoleon mandarin liquor. This cocktail is often made with fresh lemon juice. I found it more suitable to use mandarin. Be sure to use a sour mandarin to get the sour effect.

What do you need for a Mandarine Sour?

Napoleon Mandarin liquor (1,5 part)
Mandarin (1 piece)
Sugar syrup (1 bar spoon)
Egg white

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Mandarine Sour?

For this cocktail we will be using a shaker and a tumbler glass. First fill up the shaker with ice. Peal of the skin of the mandarin and taste it. Is the mandarin not sour enough, then add some lemon juice. Then add half a part of the egg white, Napoleon mandarin liquor and the sugar syrup. Give it a good shake. Pour it out into the tumbler glass. Add some cinnamon for garnish and the cocktail is ready to serve.

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