Apple Pie Mojito

Apple Pie Mojito
Apple Pie Mojito
Cocktail are most popular in the summer. There are some cocktail though, which are perfect for the other periods during the year. This Apple Pie Mojito for exmaple is one of them. The apple gives the mojito such a warm taste that it’s perfect for the fall or early winter times. The real secret ingredient of this Apple Pie Mojito is the Artemi Caramel Vodka. Ever trief it? It’s one of the most warm liquor drinks i’ve tried. Perfect smooth caramel flavors.

What do you need for a Mojito Apple Pie?

Artemi Caramel vodka (1,5 part)
Apple juice (1,5 part)
Lime (1 lime)
Mint (5 leaves)

If you can’t buy or find the caramel vodka, try monin caramel instead. Then just use rum as liquor in your cocktail.

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Apple Pie Mojito?

We are going to use a regular mojito glass for this cocktail. We will be making the cocktail straight into the glass. Cut the lime in 4 small parts, use three of them in the glass to muddle. Add the caramel vodka and mint leaves to the glass. Give it a small stir. Now fill up the glass with crushed ice. Top it of with apple juice. As garnish use the fourth lime part or an apple slice and a dash of cinnamon.

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Cocktails in moderation

Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.