Scroppino cocktail recipe
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by Bart

The Scroppino is a delicious Italian cocktail with lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco. Read our cocktail recipe and make it yourself!

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Glass champagne glass
Flavor Fresh, Sour
Method Easy
Strength Average
Drink Vodka
Time 8 minutes
Amount 1 cocktail


  • Vodka 20 ml
  • Prosecco 40 ml
  • Lemon sorbet ice cream (or lemon yogurt ice cream) 2 scoops
  • Optional: lemon juice 5 ml

Bar tools

How to

  • Blend or in glass


  • Use a blender for this cocktail.
  • Add 2 scoops of lemon sorbet (per glass) to the blender. This gives the cocktail its recognizable creamy texture and smooth taste.
  • Add 20 ml vodka and 40 ml prosecco to the blender. Be cautious with the amount of prosecco, as too much can diminish the creamy texture of the ice cream, and the prosecco might overpower. Blend them until you achieve a light and frothy mixture.
  • Blend until you achieve a smooth liquid consistency.
  • Before pouring, taste the cocktail with a straw to ensure the flavor and texture are to your liking. Ideally, you should have a fuller texture from the lemon sorbet and a gentle effervescence from the prosecco. The vodka adds body to your cocktail.
  • Pour the cocktail into chilled champagne- or martini glasses. Since it has a slight effervescence, a champagne glass is my favorite, but Scroppino is also often served in a martini glass.
  • For garnish, create an elegant lemon twist. Too much effort? Garnish with a lemon slice or a raspberry or currants.
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The Scroppino is a delicious Italian cocktail made with lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco.

Tip: Would you like to create an elegant lemon curl for your Scroppino as well? Then, use a sharp peeler. Make a strip of lemon zest, measuring 5-6 cm. Curl it around a straw and let it set in the freezer. After about a minute or 5, you will have a beautiful decorative curl for your Scroppino.

Scroppino: velvety Italian cocktail made with sorbet, vodka, and prosecco

The Scroppino, sometimes also written as Sgroppino, originates from Venice and is derived from the word “sgroppare” (to whip up). This refers to the original method of preparation, in which the Scroppino was whisked with a whisk. It is much easier and faster to use a blender. However, do not make more than 4 Scroppinos at a time in the blender. If you use too much prosecco, your blender will overflow and your kitchen will become a mess. And you don’t want that, especially when you have guests…

Tip: if you want to make multiple Scroppinos at the same time: for two Scroppinos, use 60 ml of prosecco and 30-40 ml of vodka. For four, use 120 ml of prosecco and 60-80 ml of vodka

Try using yogurt ice cream instead of lemon sorbet ice cream

Officially, you make the scroppino with lemon sorbet ice cream. I find it tastier when combined with yogurt ice cream or lemon yogurt ice cream. This gives a nice, airy texture with a delicious soft flavor.

Delicious festive cocktail

This elegant Italian cocktail is ideal for a festive dinner and pairs perfectly with occasions such as Christmas or Easter. It is a refreshing interlude that nicely balances out the rich flavors. Serve the drink as an intermediate course to take a break from the appetizer and give yourself some time before the main course. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed as a finishing touch before a cup of coffee.

What is the difference between a Scroppino and a Spoom?

The Scroppino is fundamentally similar to a spoom. Both have ice and sparkling wine as the main ingredients. However, a spoom is often simpler and therefore quicker to make. It typically involves placing a scoop of ice cream and a splash of bubbles in a champagne glass, giving it a quick stir, and it’s ready. The difference lies in presentation and preparation.

Delicious variations of the Scroppino

You can adjust the flavor to perfectly complement your entire menu. For example, the Strawberry Scroppino or the Limoncello Scroppino. Both options are very popular and beloved by your guests! For Christmas, we have even created a beautiful winter variation: the Winter Scroppino. In terms of ingredients, it is somewhat similar to the spoom. A popular drink with sorbet and prosecco that is enjoyed during Christmas.

The latest version we have created is the Passion Scroppino with passion fruit and mango sorbet. We definitely recommend you try it!

Can you make an alcohol-free version of the Scroppino?

Would you prefer an alcohol-free Scroppino? That’s possible too. I made one during Dry January with Limonzero from Pallini, a non-alcoholic limoncello. I combined it with a nice, refreshing, non-alcoholic sparkling drink from ALT. And it tasted great!

Common mistakes

If you are making the Scroppino for the first time, many things can go wrong. Therefore, think before you begin, so it’s good to read about these common mistakes:

  1. The use of incorrect ingredients: A traditional Scroppino contains lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco. Substituting these ingredients with others can result in a drink that is no longer a true Scroppino;
  2. Incorrect proportions: It is important to use the right amount of each ingredient to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Too much or too little of an ingredient can negatively affect the end result. For example, be cautious with using too much prosecco, as it can cause the cocktail to curdle;
  3. Not serving the Scroppino immediately: A Scroppino should be served immediately after mixing the ingredients, as it melts quickly. If left too long, it may lose its consistency;
  4. Not properly blending the ingredients: The ingredients of a Scroppino should be well-mixed to achieve a smooth and creamy drink. Insufficient blending of the ingredients can result in a drink with lumps or a separated texture;
  5. Not using chilled glasses: Scroppino is traditionally served in chilled glasses. Serving it in a warm glass can cause the drink to melt too quickly.
Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.