sex on the beach cocktail recipe
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by Bart

The Sex on the Beach is the ultimate holiday feeling in a glass. Use our recipe to make an original Sex on the Beach cocktail

This cocktail scores 5 ⭐️ (rated 2x)
Beoordeel het recept
Glas Hurricane
Flavor Fruity, Sweet
Method average
Strength Average
Drink Vodka
Time 6 minutes
Amount 1


  • Vodka 30 ml
  • Peach liqueur 30 ml
  • Orange juice 90 ml
  • Cranberry juice 30 ml

Bar tools

  • Jigger
  • Barspoon

How to

  • Prepare in glass


  • Start with a tropical hurricane glass
  • Add 30 ml vodka and 30 ml Peacthree peach liqueur
  • Fill your glass with ice and add orange juice (up to 90% of the glass)
  • Quick stir and add cranberry juice (30 ml)
  • Don't stir anymore, just garnish with slices of orange and peach and a red cherry
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If you want to make the Sex on the Beach cocktail with a nice colour layer, add the cranberry juice at the end – and do not stir!

Sex on the Beach: what is in a name?

The Sex on the Beach has its origin in Florida. During springbreak there were a lot of wild parties at the beach with drinking and sex. Looking at the ingredients this cocktail probably is a combination of 2 other cocktails: the Fuzzy Navel (vodka, peachtree, OJ) and the Cape Codder (vodka and cranberry juice).

The Sex on the Beach tastes rather fruity and sweet which kind a refers to “sex on the beach”. It is not very complicated and easygoing. The original recipe prescribes vodka, orange juice, peach liqueur and cranberry juice.

Especially during the holidays you see a lot of people sipping from this cocktail at the terraces. The Sex on the Beach is probably the most ordered cocktails during holidays. Most of the time it is served in a tropical hurricane glass with all kinds of decoration such as colourfull umbrella’s and straws. The taste is rather fruity and sweet which refers to “sex at the beach”.

Peachtree liqueur

We have used Peachtree liqueur for the peach taste. This is a fresh sweet liqueur made of sun-ripened peaches. Goes well with cocktails such as the Sex on the Beach, Fizzy Peach and Bellini.

Please don’t use grenadine

There are a lot of bars that prepare this cocktail with grenadine. Don’t do that. This makes the cocktail much too sweet. Above that the structure of the drink is not the same. If you want to make this cocktail the proper way use cranberry use.


You can garnish this cocktail with a lot of fruit just like a sangria. Peach, orange and cherry match with the colour and taste of this cocktail. But you can also use cantaloupe melon or passion fruit. What makes you feel good!

Another summer cocktail with orange juice: Tequila Sunrise

Would you like to make another cocktail with orange? Than try the Tequila Sunrise with tequila, orange juice and grenadine. Bonus points if you are able to produce a romantic sunrise in this cocktail!

Non alcoholic version: Virgin on the Beach

This fruity cocktail is also perfect to drink without alcohol. We will only change the name into a Virgin on the Beach.


Making cocktails is fun. Always drink responsibly.