vodka fall

vodka fall
Vodka Fall
Long drink cocktail with cinnamon, oranges, ginger ale, goldstrike and vodka. I first wanted to name this cocktail Skyfall, but I prefer the name Vodka Fall. The flavors in this cocktail remind me of the Fall. Herbs and freshness combined in one glass, beautiful combination for the Fall.

What do you need for a Vodka Fall?

Vodka orange (1 part)
Gold strike (1 part)
Ginger ale (2 parts)
Cinnamon powder
Orange (half a orange)

1 part = 30 ml

How do you make a Vodka Fall?

We are going to make this cocktail straight into the glass. We will be using a long drink glass. First fill up the glass for about 2/3 with ice. Then add the juice of half an orange, vodka and gold strike to the glass. Give it a small stir. Now fill up the entire glass with ice. Top the cocktail of with ginger ale. Add some cinnamon powder and a slice of orange for garnish. Ready to serve.

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Cocktails in moderation

Cocktails maken is leuk, maar drink met mate