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Cocktail recipes Ingrediënts How?
After Summer Punch Wheat beer, raspberries, cointreau Blend & Stir
Amaretto Espresso Martini Amaretto, espresso coffee, kahlua Shaken
Amaretto Sour Amaretto, egg white, lemon Shaken
Batida de Coco Coconut milk, cachaca, fresh fruit Blend
Besamé Vodka, blueberry liquor, fresh red fruit Blend
Black Russian Vodka, kahlua Stir
Bloody Mary Tomato juice, vodka, tabasco, black pepper, celery Stir
Blue Cocomo Blue curacao, vodka, white cranberry juice Stir
Blue Cosmo Blue curacao, rum, coconut juice Stir
Blue Gin Delight Blue curacao, gin, lemon juice Stir
Blue Gin Fizz Blue curacao, gin, prosecco Stir
Blue Hawaiian Blue curacao, rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice Blend
Blue Lagoon Blue curacao, vodka, sparkling water, lemon juice Stir
Blue Monday Blue curacao, vodka, bitter lemon Stir
Blue Skyscraper Blue curacao, tequila, ginger ale Stir
Caipirinha Cachaca, lime juice Stir
Caipirinha 43 Cachaca, lime juice, licor 43 Stir
Caipirinha Fresa Cachaca, strawberries, lime juice Stir
Caipirinha Passion Cachaca, passion fruit, lime juice Shaken
Cosmopolitan Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime Shaken
Daiquiri White rum, lime juice Blend
El Diplomatico Rum, grapefruit, maraschino Shake
El Flamingo Rum, guava, lime Shake
Forrest Fruit Splash Vodka, blackberries. lime Blend
Frangiretto Sour Frangelico, amaretto, lemon Shaken
Gin Strawberry Basil Martini Gin, strawberry, basil, pepper Stir
Gin Tonic Gin, tonic, lime Stir
Italian Stallion Amaretto, whisky, coca cola Stir
Jungle Juice Dark rum, pineapple juice, passionfruit juice, lime Shaken
Long Island Ice Tea Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Triple sec, Rum, Coca cola Stir
Long Island Peach Tea Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Triple sec, Rum, Peach juice Stir
Mai Tai Dark rum, orange curacao, pineapple- orange- lime juice Shaken
Mango Strawberry Daiquiri White rum, fresh mango & strawberries, lime Blend
Margarita Tequila, triple sec, lime juice Shaken
Martini (dirty) Vermouth, Gin Stir
Mojito Rum, sparkling soda, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Amaretto Amaretto, sparkling water, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Apple Pie Caramel vodka, apple juice, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Cassis Rum, blackberries, sparkling water, mint, limes Blend
Mojito Chocolate Rum, chocolate liquor, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Granate Sparkling water, pomegranate juice, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Kiwi Rum, kiwi, sparkling water, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Passion Rum, passion fruit, sparkling water, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Razz Bacardi razz, raspberries, sparkling water, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Royal Rum, champagne, sparkling water, mint, limes Stir
Mojito Strawberry Rum, strawberries, lime, mint, sparking water Stir
Painkiller Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream, amaretto Shaken
Peach Mint Smash Peach juice, Tequila reposado, lime Shaken
Pina Colada Coconut milk, rum, pineapple juice Shaken
Pornstar Martini Vanilla vodka, passionfruit juice, champagne, lime Shaken
Red Mambo Coconut rum, pineapple juice, raspberries, lime Shaken
Rum Swizzle Rum, peach juice, lime Shaken
Scroppino Vodka, prosecco, lemon sorbet ice cream Blend
Sex on the beach Vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice Glass
Strawberry Daiquiri Rum, strawberries, lime Blend
Thai Mojito Lemongrass, ginger ale, canesugar Stir
Tiramisu Martini Amaretto, mascarpone, milk Blend
Vanilla Sky Daiquiri Dark rum, licor 43, passionfruit juice, lime, vanilla/td>

Whiskey Sour Whiskey, lemon, egg white/td>

White Russian Vodka, kahlua, milk Layer
Zombie White and dark rum, absinth, maraschino, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime Shaken


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